Andy Alston – Content Editor

Alston is a driven and enthusiastic trainee journalist with a wide range of published articles across both local and national media. A football expert, Alston thrives upon analysing the key talking points in Scottish football as well as shedding light on the untold stories within the industry. The 20-year-old is also Sports Editor for the City of Glasgow College student magazine, City Word, and is relishing the opportunity to demonstrate his skills with The Western Wire.

Liam Hillier – Politics Editor

Hiller enjoys debating current affairs as well as reading up on political updates from across the globe.

Liam Corbett – Sports Editor

Corbett is a motivated young journalism student who has a passion for several sports, in particular football. Corbett’s ambition is to become involved in sports journalism and he is looking forward to the opportunity to put his own mark on the Sports section.

Debbie Morrison – Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor

Morrison is an enthusiastic student in her final year studying Journalism. Her previous work has earned her bylines and the title of deputy editor in the college magazine. Morrison’s interests cover a vast spectrum, ranging from international affairs to the current fashion trends. She is hopeful that the Lifestyle and Entertainment section will evoke thought and emotion from the Western Wire’s readers.

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