The Lost Generation

The poor decisions made by our recent governments have destined a whole generation of youths to the scrapheap of unemployment. With over one million young adults unemployed and a raging global recession showing no indication of recovery, the future looks bleak for the coming generations.

Instead of providing relief to this group of 16-24 year olds, the government has come up with the added burden of increased tuition fees for anyone who wants to improve their chances of employability through further education. With a drop of 8.7% in university applications since the fee increase this drop will no doubt continue rapidly when more and more universities apply the £9,000 a year fee requirement.

With over 500,000 job cuts in the public sector and more to continue in the private, competition for jobs will become more intense with only well qualified individuals obtaining employment. This will give rise to a group of people who are not employable based on their education and they will have no means to gain the education necessary to gain employment. This catch 22 situation will escalate as more and more people are affected by this dilemma.

Many may say the government is to blame for this epidemic of jobless young and more should be done by the governing bodies to come up with resolutions.

Aminah Khan

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