I hate SAAS, until they give me my money!

Students across Scotland are often plagued with financial difficulties

Sheena Macleod

Many students will feel a slight frustration towards the Students Loan Company, mainly because they take so long to process your application and mostly importantly they are the hardest people to get in contact with.  Around the time you’re waiting for your money to come through, the mention of SAAS can prompt your blood to boil and produce steam from your ears.

Throughout the years of applying for my student’s loan, it has never been an easy task. Instead of gaining money, my pockets have been left empty. This is due to the numerous phone calls I have made to track my application. There is nothing worse when you are caller number nine and your phone runs out of credit. This has happened many times to me and I never knew I could be so mad and rupture like an earthquake. In the end, I had to get my own Mother to phone because I simply couldn’t afford to keep topping my phone up. Filling out the application is a task itself. Why can’t they make things easy? I will never know that answer.

However, it’s the moment of anticipation when you check your bank account and you see digits that you have never seen before. Your eyes light up and you scream with joy and nothing else matters because you have your MONEY.  Until the next year!


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