Vintage is making a comeback

Vintage fashion has seen a huge surge in popularity.

Debbie Morrison, Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor

Today’s crumbling economy is depressing for the most part. Businesses are struggling everywhere, but there is a small glimmer of light amidst the gloom in Glasgow as charity shops are thriving.

Vintage has made a massive comeback; people are taking inspiration from role models such as Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel. Original retro pieces, are of course, very expensive and difficult to find. For this very reason, people are turning to charity shops as a cheaper and economically sound alternative to vintage stores.

It seems that society is trying to keep up with the modernisation of, well everything, as a select few are going back in time. Old is the new chic. Volkswagen is bringing out a ‘retro’ version of the Beetle whilst ‘The Beatles’ are appearing on clothing in the most popular stores in Britain such as Topshop and H&M.

The public is desperate to keep up with the latest trends.

As much as we all love new things, it’s great to appreciate the classics. We can’t always rely on technology despite our growing obsession with it but wouldn’t it be refreshing to go back to the days where people wrote letters by hand and said hello in person rather than text.

Buying second-hand clothing is a great benefit to the environment and our bank accounts. There is a tremendous amount of waste in today’s society, whether it is food, clothing or even money. A lot of people are willing to spend a great deal of money on something, despite the fact it may not be worth the amount they are paying. If it carries a designer label or a celebrity has been seen wearing it, people (and when I say people I really mean girls) dash out to find the best imitation around.

Old cars have also made a comeback with some selling for upwards of £10,000.

It also means that when everyone does their spring clean to get rid of things that they will no longer use, other people that are much less fortunate will have the opportunity to own something that would have been otherwise disregarded. You don’t have to look far to find a  hidden gem in Glasgow, on a Sunday Ashton Lane and Chambre 69 have vintage stalls for the most avid of bargain shoppers. So what are you waiting for?



  1. I think it is great that people are catching on to vintage and charity shops, it looks great and it reduces waste. As a follower of fashion and a lover charity/vintage shops, I found this a very interesting piece, the writer has highlighted some great points.

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